About Us

About Yuvati Fibers,

Yuvati Fibers core Competency is the Fabrication of FRP, PP, PP+FRP, HDPE, PPH, PPH+FRP, PVC+FRP Equipments on a turnkey basis & manufacturing of FRP equipment. Yuvati Fibers comprises a team of techno-commercial experts handling different activities. The company has been in existence for nearly three decades and is growing stronger day by day.

We have a complete in-house engineering and Molding With the latest technique and standards. Yuvati Fibers Team is staffed by a group of seasoned and dedicated professionals, technicians and experienced shop employees who take pride in their company and who take seriously your needs as a client

Our Project Team will work out quickly the cost of even the most complicated project and to give you the most economical price, as soon as possible. Our Engineering and Drafting Department uses the latest in Software to design detailed drawings for your system. Drawings are part of our complete product package.

Key benefits of Aeron’s FRP/GRP Products include

Corrosion Resistance
Impact Resistance
Light Weight
Better Ergonomics
Easy Installation
low maintenance
long lasting

Our Technical team will monitor your project to be sure it is manufactured on time using the latest equipment and manufactured by knowledgeable, dedicated employees, who have been with us for over 20 years.

Our Quality Control Team verifies, at each stage of production, that your project is manufactured to our own strict standards and the highest industry standards. At Yuvati Fibers, we believe knowledge and dedication is the key to providing our customer a superior quality product.