PP FRP Scrubber System

Our scrubber systems are known for safety and quality

We are manufacturer of the PP FRP scrubber system, well known in the market for delivering nonpareil solutions in regard to air pollution control of the highest quality and in the determined budget. This PP FRP scrubber system is widely used for removing soluble gases like HCL, cl2, BR2, NH3, SO2, H2S, & NOX effectively from the industrial exhaust stream. The dual lamination of this PP FRP scrubber is what makes it sturdier than steel material.
The offered PP FRP scrubbing system includes scrubbing vessel, ductwork,fan system, mist eliminator, pumping and an exhaust stack, in which mist eliminator is not required when the scrubber system is of dry type. We as a manufacturer have wisely selected a PP FRP combination to deliver the steel type sturdiness, while outstanding resistance to temperature and corrosive chemicals at the same time at a low cost. The entire manufacturing of this PP FRP scrubber carried out under the strict

Advantageous side of our PP FRP Scrubber System:

● Light weight material facilitates easy installation
● Outstanding corrosion and temperature resistance
● Virtually no maintenance required due to the sturdiness
● Does not corrode hence no need of color or clading
● Cost less than steel, however up to 5-10 times longer lasting
● Reasonable thermal expansion properties
● Environmentally friendly
● 100% stable to ultraviolet radiation

Application Scope of PP FRP Scrubber System:

Corn Processing Facilities, Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Processes, Acid Manufacturing Plants Food Manufacturing, Machining and Grinding Exhaust, Fiberglass & Composite Industries, Utility Boilers, Foundries and Metal Finishing Operations.

Different alternatives in PP FRP Scrubber System:

● PP FRP Scrubber System
● FRP Scrubber System
● HDPE Scrubber System
● PPH FRP Scrubber System
● PPH Scrubber System

PP FRP Scrubber System is available for :

● Wet Scrubber System
● Dry Scrubber System
● Chlorine Scrubber System
● Fume scrubber system
● Gas scrubber system

Our Specialized Product Range

● Industrial Storage Tanks
● Industrial Scrubber Systems
● Centrifugal Blowers
● FRP Gratings / Fiber Glass Gratings

PP FRP Scrubber System