FRP Scrubber

Product Specification

Voltage 220 V
Brand Yuvati fibers
Material FRP
Usage/Application Industrial
Power Source Electrict
Finishing Polished

Product Description

Corrosion Resistance:

FRP products are manufactured to withstand deterioration from industrial chemicals and harsh environmental factors. Unlike steel, FRP will not corrode and therefore maintain low costs in the long-term. FRP tanks, for instance, can be exposed to submersion, spills, and splashes of chemical substances and maintain integrity.

Low Installation Costs:

FRP profiles offer easy installation and wide applications. They come in lightweight and therefore reduce costs on installation, transportation, labor and even removal processes. The ease of installation is further proved true where simple hand tools are the only essential for installation.

No Maintenance:

FRP products will not rust over time, corrode or fade even under harsh circumstances. Therefore no painting, sandblasting or other maintenance works is needed to patch things up. are the only essential for installation.

Impact Resistant:

Worry no more on deformation. The impact resistance among FRP materials allows deflection without permanent deformation. FRP products are capable of returning to its original form after several reflections, unlike other steel gratings.

Light weight:

FRP weighs only ¼ as much as steel and yet produces superior properties over conventional metals. The lightweight property allows a reduction in fabrication, transportation and installation costs.


FRP gratings and surface are coated and cured to ensure nonslip properties are integrated with angular particles to ensure maximum safety in risky environments.

Superior Strength:

The superior glass-to-resin ratio of FRP products is extremely strong and durable with excellent loading capabilities. Combined with other properties, FRP products are designed to outlast competitions.


The elasticity of FRP materials is superior to steel and other conventional metal materials. That being said it could withstand loads causing deflections without risking permanent structural damage. It gives a significant advantage in terms of design over steel and aluminum.
  Yuvati fibers manufactures FRP tanks for industrial usage. Mostly it is used for storage of water for daily consumption. We manufacture FRP tanks of capacity ranging from hundreds of liters to gallons. These are designed and manufactured to withstand hydrostatic and dynamic water pressure. The FRP tank from yuvati fibers is designed to be rusting free so that a complete sanitation could be achieved for long-term maintenance. At Yuvati fibers FRP, we fabricate and deliver FRP storage tanks of any diameter depending on your demands. Our highly qualified crew is capable of coming out with the highest quality possible in tank manufacturing.
  FRP Scrubbers are built to support industrial demands for control, wastewater applications, and coal-burning power plants in general. Yuvati fibers FRP fabricates to exact dimensions according to your designs and requirements. We offer a wide range of FRP pipes and fittings manufactured locally in India, ensuring the highest quality in our products. FRP pipes have great strength capability, corrosion resistant, light in weight and easy to install and fabricate. On top of that, the smooth interior leads to higher flow rate and therefore reduces energy consumptions. Size and dimensions are decided by clients depending on applications in different industries. Yuvati Fibers FRP pipes and fittings have established itself through time in the industry for the proven durability and value in demanding environments.

FRP Scrubber